MARMON 34 (Apr, 1918)

I’d never heard of the Marmon Car Company before seeing this ad. I really hope their catalog was called “The Book of Marmon”.


Advanced Engineering

The new 4-Door Sedan is a practical family car for all seasons. In pleasant weather the lowered windows give the effect of an open car; when raised on stormy days, they shut out all discomforts. This serviceable model is in full accord with the utilitarian spirit of today.

136-inch wheelbase—
1100 pounds lighter

Established 1851

“Mention the Geographic—It identifies you.”

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  1. Toronto says: August 16, 20127:57 am

    Charlie – it was probably in the glove compartment.

    But Marmon was one of the great Indianapolis car companies, and won the first 500.

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