Master These Strength Tests – OUTDO Mightier Opponents (Feb, 1933)

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Master These Strength Tests – OUTDO Mightier Opponents

DO YOU want to compare your strength with that of your friends? If you do, here are eight different methods, all simply executed, that will bring into play every muscle of the body. Master these feats and you can hold your own with men of much greater bulk, because they will have failed to develop the distinct muscles brought into use in each of eight separate tests.

The first known use of one of these methods, shown in extreme upper left hand corner, dates way back to 1849 when a grizzled miner challenged a “dude” Easterner while both were partaking of liquid refreshments in a California saloon. The “dandy,” having practiced the feat before, offered it as a test. The struggle lasted well over an hour while the two men tensed and flexed their muscles, perspiration pouring from determined faces. Strangely enough, to the onlookers but not to the Easterner, the miner was finally overcome. The winner had developed his arm muscles and knew how to use them to the best advantage, something neglected by the miner.

Master these tests and then introduce them at your next party. You will be surprised at the amount of fun derived by the participants as well as the onlookers. Most of the guests will not be familiar with them, and so will meet on equal ground.

  1. Michael Patrick says: March 11, 20088:53 am

    I’m pretty sure most of these are secret Mason’s rituals.

  2. Jesse says: March 11, 200810:51 am

    Drat! I wish the rest of the article were available, these look fun!

  3. Charlie says: March 11, 200810:52 am

    That is the whole article.

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