May Grant Legal Permits to Die (Feb, 1932)

Dr. Kevorkian just got out of prison this week, but physician assisted suicide was an issue long before he ever made the news.

May Grant Legal Permits to Die
LEGAL permission to seek death when confronted by certainty of intense suffering from incurable disease, was recently advocated by an eminent physician. At present many unfortunates each year are compelled to die in agony from cancer or other painful diseases when painless, immediate death would be kinder. Harrowing scenes occur when such patients beg their friends or physicians for release by death; something which no physician now dares grant however much he, the relatives and the victim may wish it.

  1. Village Idiot says: June 6, 200712:02 pm

    “Legal” permission?

    It’s hard to prosecute the successful breaking of a law against suicide, but the law’s very existence begs the question: Who “owns” this body that I see in the mirror? If I own something, I can turn it off if I want. Please, allow ME to decide if I’m risking eternal damnation or something like that. It sounds like they were almost getting kind of progressive in 1932, but that obviously didn’t last.

  2. Charlie says: June 6, 200712:45 pm

    Given the mess with Terry Scheivo I’d say we’ve gone back quite a few steps.

  3. Blaze_Everglot says: February 5, 20089:44 am

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