Mechanical Chess Opponent (Jul, 1951)

I love how they speak in absolutes “never makes a mistake”, “perfect chess techniques”. I’m worndering how it could possibly play chess at all. My guess is that what they mean is it always makes a legal move, i.e. pawns don’t go sideways.

Also, does that board look a little small to you?

Mechanical Chess Opponent
Chess fans can play solitaire against a machine that never makes a mistake. Invented by a Spaniard, the machine teaches perfect chess techniques. Whenever an error is made in play, a light flashes on automatically.

  1. mward says: December 22, 20067:15 am

    I remember reading about a “mechanical chess computer” that could solve simple endgame problems: it computed the next move for King verses King plus Rook using a simple algorithm which ensured a checkmate.

    Here’s a Wikipedia article about it:…

    The board looks fine to me.

  2. John Savard says: January 16, 200810:02 pm

    When I saw the article, I thought of the machine invented by Torres y Quevedo. It “never made a mistake” because it didn’t really play a full game of Chess, only a Rook and Pawn endgame.

    And so the previous comment is correct.

  3. jayessell says: January 17, 200810:20 am

    When the wizards aren’t using Hex for spell checking, they use it to play chess.
    (I saw the “Hogfather” movie.
    Hex has nice penmanship.)

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