Mechanical Man Amazes ‘Frisco (May, 1931)

Mechanical Man Amazes ‘Frisco
A MECHANICAL man almost nine feet tall is frequently seen parading the streets of San Francisco. He talks, he walks, he sings songs, and he tells amazed pedestrians all about the local movie shows.

This robot, however, is all a delusion and a snare. In truth, he is not a robot at all, but a real man all dressed up in a metal suit, who “talks” through a big loud speaker mouth.

  1. Nightsky says: July 28, 20117:52 am

    San Francisco STILL has people who pretend to be robots for spare change.

  2. Hirudinea says: July 28, 20118:02 am

    @ Nightsky – And it also has men dressed up pretending to be somthing they’re not.

  3. John M Hanna says: July 28, 201112:41 pm

    At least he has a job. More than I can say of those depression era bums standing around him.

  4. Toronto says: July 28, 20111:02 pm

    I hope someone at least said “domo arigato” to him.

  5. Hirudinea says: July 28, 20116:32 pm

    @Mike – Considering Sino-Japanese relations in the 30’s if the robot said “domo arigato” in Chinatown he probably would have got the solonoids kicked out of him.

  6. Charlie says: July 29, 20118:16 am

    I recently found video of this fella:

  7. Sean says: August 1, 20114:28 am

    Does anyone else think that this looks like a political cartoon caricature of President Obama? I think it’s the ears.

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