Midget Organ Has Full Range (Nov, 1937)

Midget Organ Has Full Range

Weighing only 125 pounds, a diminutive electric organ has recently been completed by Louis Weir, of Boston, Mass. Tiny whirling wheels generate the fundamental notes, while the variations and harmonics of a full-size organ are produced by an intricate combination of switches and stops. An amplifier swells the volume of the instrument from a faint whisper to a resounding crescendo.

  1. Jeffery Wright says: October 18, 200712:08 pm

    aww, he’s so proud of his cute li’l organ… he can’t stop touching it!

    looks like something dr. suess came up with after hitting the cough syrup a little too hard….

  2. Steven W says: October 23, 20075:49 pm

    Wasn’t a tone wheel organ (IE using “tiny whirling wheels”) already invented By Laurens Hammond in 1934? Of course, his was not quite this small, but it used the same technology.

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