Midget Radio for Policemen Is Carried in Pocket (Nov, 1936)

Midget Radio for Policemen Is Carried in Pocket

Latest equipment for the English bobby is a miniature radio receiving set with which he picks up instructions from police headquarters while on duty. The set is so small that the policeman carries the complete outfit in his pocket.

  1. compwalla says: June 3, 20087:15 am

    I love the midget part. And when did we stop calling it a “radio set” and started just using “radio?” That is happening now with TV. You hear “TV set” less and less nowadays.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: June 3, 20089:38 am

    Looks more like Sherlock Holmes is checking Bobby’s heart rate. Or would Doctor Watson do that?

  3. Nick Moffitt says: June 3, 200810:28 am

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring!


  4. Blurgle says: June 3, 20088:29 pm

    Why is Christopher Walken in drag and why is he on the boobphone?

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