Minute Savers for Milady (May, 1930)

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Minute Savers for Milady

Many of the messy, time-consuming duties of the household have been completely eliminated by these mechanical time-savers.

Here is an adjustable bridge or floor lamp that has two intensities of light. Just a slight pressure on a button is needed to make the adjustment. With the shade turned up the lamp gives a diffused light for general illumination. Turned down, a localized light is provided.

The egg-ett cooks eggs electrically. A teaspoon or two of water is used.

The manufacturer of a dishwashing machine has built a special sink with a glass plate inserted in its side to show the operation of his device. A mirror above the sink also helps to show how the machine works. A small electrical pump sprays the dishes with jets of steaming hot water from all sides.

A complete combination washer, wringer and ironer—operated from your light socket—is the recent contribution of a prominent manufacturing organization. It saves time and space.

Another time-saver is the outdoor electric meter recently perfected. It is completely enclosed against the elements and eliminates the need for stopping household tasks to admit the meter-reader.

The automatic waxer shown above scrapes, scrubs, waxes, polishes and disinfects your floors.

And here is an automatic pin holder that delivers a pin, head up, when the top is pressed.

This small, compact washer is just the ideal size for the drainboard of the sink. It dries clothes without wringing and empties itself. It comes in many different colors and is equipped with a rubber base.

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  1. Mick Canick says: March 31, 20125:42 pm

    My mother had one of those pin dispensers, (page 2) I didn’t know the design was older than she was. I think it used magnets and it was spring loaded but I am not sure. I remember pushing and dispensing pins with it but I don’t remember how ti was loaded.

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