Mister-you’re getting paid in DYNAMITE! (Nov, 1943)

Compare this ad from WWII with the message our government is sending now. Then it was “save, don’t spend”, “don’t allow profiteering”, “buck up and pay higher taxes”. Now it’s “The best way to defeat the terrorists is for you to go shopping and support lower taxes for rich people!”

Mister-you’re getting paid in DYNAMITE!

Our pay envelope today is dynamite.

The wrong way to handle it is for us to wink at prices that look too steep . . . telling ourselves we can afford to splurge.

We can’t afford to—whether we’re business men, farmers, or workers. And here’s why:

Splurging will boost prices. First on one thing then all along the line.

Then, wages will have to go up to meet higher prices. And higher wages will push prices up some more . . . faster and faster.

The reason this can happen is that, this year, we Americans will have 45 billion dollars more income than there are goods and services to buy at present prices.

That’s the dynamite!

The RIGHT way to handle it . . . and why

Our Government is doing a lot of things to keep the cost of living from snowballing.

But the real control is in our hands. Yours. Mine.

It won’t be fun. It will mean sacrifice and penny-pinching. But after all, the sacrifice of tightening our belts and doing without is a small sacrifice compared with giving your life or your blood in battle!

Here’s what YOU must do

Buy only what you absolutely need.

Dont ASK higher prices—for your own labor, your own services, or goods you sell.

Buy rationed goods only by exchanging stamps.

Dont pay a cent above ceiling prices.

Take a grin-and-bear-it attitude on taxes. They must get heavier.

Pay off your debts. Don’t make new ones.

Start a savings account. Buy and keep up adequate life insurance.

Buy more War Bonds.

If we do these things, we and our Government won’t have to fight a postwar battle against collapsing prices and paralyzed business.

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without


This advertisement prepared by the War Advertising Council, is contributed by this magazine in co-operation with the Magazine Publishers of America.

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