She sure seems happy to be handcuffed.

Only the tips of fingers and thumbs protrude from handcuffs of a new style, invented by a former member of the Canadian Mounted Police, and shown above. Each of the metal gloves is hinged in two leaves equipped with locks. The mitten-shaped handcuffs were devised by the inventor in the belief that the ordinary type makes it possible for a desperate criminal, being transported overland, to attempt to grasp his captor’s gun or attack him with the hands.

  1. Caya says: May 15, 200711:04 am

    I think the criminal could knock a person cold with those big hunks of metal on his hands there.

  2. Stannous says: May 15, 20073:21 pm

    Doesn’t the proportion of finger length to thumb look odd?

  3. Blurgle says: May 16, 20073:16 am

    Of course she’s happy to be handcuffed – haven’t you ever seen an RCMP officer? (sigh)

  4. Damien Walder says: September 4, 20087:24 pm

    That’s a mountie dressed up as his wife!

  5. Graham says: August 1, 200912:33 pm

    This picture is a ‘photoshop’ rework. have a look at this page http://www.alexhandcuff… at the bottom.
    The mitts are real and were used for a short time.

  6. Firebrand38 says: August 1, 20091:23 pm

    Graham: “‘photoshop’ rework”? What makes you say that? Especially in a picture from 1933.

  7. Vinxi & joy says: August 20, 20092:50 am

    She is smiling and happy because her hands are cuffed, her fingertips free, and her master is nearby. What more could a woman desire?

  8. Viewer says: October 28, 20094:50 am

    They’re called Mckenzie Mitts after the inventor. Only a *very* small number were every manufactured, and they are now very, very rare and expensive, much valued by collectors. They turned out to have a serious flaw. At the time, train rules required that prisoners never be uncuffed during transport. However, these mitts made it impossible for prisoners to, uh, take care of their bodily functions during longer trips — and officers were unwilling to “handle” the prisoners’ situation themselves. So they never were widely used at all.

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