MOBILE STATIONS Broadcast Major EVENTS (Jun, 1937)


HISTORY in the making is now brought into the homes of millions of American people through the use of mobile radio stations capable of broadcasting from the actual scene of any major event or catastrophe. Carrying broadcasting and receiving equipment, announcers and engineers, the mobile stations can rush to fires, flood areas, political and other events at a moment’s notice.

While one crew of engineers rushes to the scene another group hurriedly sets up high frequency receiving apparatus atop nearby buildings for picking up the signals from the portable or mobile station. Special telephone lines then carry the announcer’s voice to the key station where the broadcast is sent out to network stations throughout the country.

  1. Gazzie says: November 14, 20111:14 pm

    And one year later this technology would be used in Orson Welles ‘War Of The Worlds.’

    “2X2L calling CQ…

    2X2L calling CQ…

    2X2L calling CQ…New York

    Isn’t there anyone on the air?

    Isn’t there anyone…

  2. Terry says: November 14, 201110:43 pm

    And as the technology to deliver the message becomes more and more sophisticated, the message itself becomes less and less reliable.

  3. blast says: November 15, 20117:24 pm

    Actually, this went to press at about the same time as the Hindenburg disaster, although the famous audio would not have gone back to Chicago for live play.…

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