Model Plane Masterpiece (Oct, 1954)

Model Plane Masterpiece

ONE of the most beautifully designed and carefully constructed model airplanes you are apt to run into in many a moon is the F-92 Black Leopard, built by young Robert F. Shaw, San Pedro, Calif.

Bob, a hydraulic press operator for North American Aircraft, took five years to complete his prodigious task, spending a total of $42 for parts and materials.

  1. Hirudinea says: November 8, 20122:05 pm

    I’m always impressed with people who have this kind of talent, wish I had some.

  2. Toronto says: November 8, 20124:30 pm

    A removable fuel tank cap? Wow.

    Somewhere, there’s a line between attention to detail and obsession. Bob was WAY over that line.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: November 9, 20128:52 am

    I wonder if the guns actually fire…

  4. Tim Crow says: November 9, 20129:39 am

    I wonder where it is now? I hope it’s in a museum some where.

  5. Toronto says: November 9, 201212:41 pm

    @Tim Crow: It seems that it’s in the Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, WA. Looks like it would be worth the $7 admission.

    (Not at the Pearson Airport here in Toronto, or in Vancouver BC.)


  6. Toronto says: November 9, 201212:45 pm

    “The F-92 model features 3,828 parts with a wingspan of only 19.75 inches. Shaw began the model in August of 1948 and completed the model on Nov. 22, 1953. “

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