Modern Papoose (Aug, 1945)

Doesn’t it seem like those straps would have a pretty good chance of strangling the baby if it ever slipped?

Modern Papoose
THOUGH transportation problems are improving, it still remains difficult to park Junior whilst marketing or running
other errands. The above idea, swiped from our red brothers, takes care of the problem. Pad a blanket on the board before lacing the baby in place in a second blanket folded under him.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 31, 20125:49 pm

    I like it, and the way it’s designed I don’t think the baby would slip (although I would put a baby foot rest on it) but the hood strikes me as weird, makes the baby look like a fruit store.

  2. Bill Thompson says: January 1, 20138:29 am

    I don’t see the strangle factor either; the wee bairn seems pretty well secured along his perimeter. I’d be more concerned with the comfort factor for mother: having a baby-laden plywood board strapped to your back can’t be all that comfortable. It seems that poor waif of a woman would topple backwards!

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