Movie Camera in Police Car Puts Evidence on Film (Sep, 1939)

Movie Camera in Police Car Puts Evidence on Film

Mounted on the dashboard of his patrol car, with its lens pointing forward through the windshield, a motion-picture camera belonging to Officer R. H. Galbraith of the California Highway Patrol takes photographs of the automobiles he trails along the highways, making a permanent film record of any traffic violations for possible later use in court.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 9, 20127:55 am

    I wonder if in 1939 they knew that this idea would make possible “America’s Dumbest Car Chases”?

  2. Sean says: March 10, 20126:00 pm

    September 1939: First video camera installed in a police car.

    October 1939: First tape of unethical behavior by an officer is ‘lost’.

  3. Mick Canick says: March 11, 20125:41 pm

    Sean, I can’t believe it took a month.
    …. to be a real “stickler” It is a film camera, not a video camera. I know people use “filming” now for video cameras but it drives me crazy, film is a chemical process, video is an electronic process.

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