Mr. Hayes Builds His Dream House (Aug, 1953)

A few years ago I posted a much longer article about this amazing house. Among its rather unique features is an underwater tunnel connecting the outdoor pool to the one inside. This was designed to double as a method of decontamination in case of a nuclear war, but seems more like a gimmick. If anyone knows if this house is still standing, please do tell.


Mr. Hayes Builds His Dream House
HAL B. HAYES, Los Angeles bachelor, pulled out all the stops when he built his home on a hill in Beverly Hills. A designer and contractor by profession, he has always liked to entertain in a fanciful setting. This time, with a “little” imagination, he has realized his greatest dream much to his guests’ delight.

  1. JMyint says: December 5, 20086:40 pm

    I don’tknow if’n the house is still there, but seven years later he was a ruined man.…

  2. jasonbo says: January 3, 200910:01 pm

    Few pictures from getty showing other parts of house.
    There is a construction but i cant find any other records and hal hayes constructions says its only 20 years old.

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