Music While Walking With Radio (Aug, 1930)

Music While Walking With Radio

A BERLIN engineer has invented a new radio hat set which may be worn without inconvenience to the wearer. With this set, shown at the right, one may listen to the Sunday sermon while motoring or playing golf, get the stock market returns at the ball game, or get the benefit of the daily dozen while on the way to work by merely tuning in.

  1. Casandro says: November 7, 20077:19 am

    I’m preety sure that’s a spoof. The dial has no markings, the loudspeaker is an awfully inefficient design and the antenna is to short to be usefull.

    The coil could have also been fitted inside the hat if it were a real working radio. Placing it outside makes no sense.

    On the other hand, the detector would have made sense to be outside, as well as the amplifier as this obviously would have needed one. (It’s a speaker set after all)

  2. Adrian says: November 7, 20079:22 am

    “…without inconvenience to the wearer”
    While playing golf? 🙂

  3. Myles Rempel says: November 7, 200710:49 am

    It looks goofy to me also. Even if that dial is real, it is in a real akward place to try to tune it. Did magazines deliberately run spoofs?

  4. Blurgle says: November 8, 20073:08 am

    You ever notice that these things are always going on in Germany?

    I bet these guys found a good photo somewhere and made up a story to go with it. To me that looks like an American Halloween costume.

  5. Jim Dunn says: November 8, 20075:17 am

    Spoof? That’s not a spoof. Haven’t you ever heard of the iHat?

  6. Ergosum says: November 9, 20078:43 am

    It is a faked photo. All the radio elements are obviously hand-drawn.

  7. Moon says: November 11, 20074:36 pm

    Wow! This might just catch on!

  8. Mondariz says: November 12, 20079:09 am

    I bet its a case, where the “journalist” had somehow heard about such a contraption, and then had the local “artist” draw an artist concept. Im pretty sure there was such a radio-hat in Berlin, but I’m also pretty sure it didn’t look like that.

  9. marss says: December 16, 20077:43 pm

    77 years later, people are still being trolled by delicious parody. I love the use of the phrase: “without inconvenience to the wearer”. It just makes me crack up.

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