“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste” (Oct, 1932)

“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste”

“Colgate’s? – Why certainly! Nothing can clean them better. and when there’s anything wrong with your teeth, young lady – you march right down to my office.”

Dad said we had to come down to earth—and meant it — so mother and I started to cut corners. Necessity brought me to my senses — in more ways than one. Fifty cents did seem a lot for toothpaste — even in boom times. I found Colgate’s at a quarter cleans my teeth — if anything — better than ever — and it tastes better, too. And you should have heard the recommendation my dentist gave Colgate’s. So here we are — saving a quarter — and a lot better off — because between you and me — I never did quite believe those extravagant claims some high-priced toothpastes make.

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  1. Hirudinea says: July 2, 201211:47 am

    When your purse starts talking to you you need to see more than a dentist!

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