Nash Airliner Reclining Seats (Apr, 1953)

Do You Know?

How Nash Airliner Reclining Seats Turn into Twin Beds in 30 Seconds?

1. At lever touch either front seat back adjusts to any of five comfortable positions. Right-hand seat, fully reclined, makes a wonderful “couch” for children’s or passenger’s naps.

2. No longer need the driver sit rigidly in one position. Just touch a lever and change the angle of the seat back. Tall men say it’s the greatest idea yet for comfort on long drives.

3. All the comforts of home! Your Nash dealer offers easy-to-inflate air mattresses and special window screens at small cost—providing a wonderful home on the road for you.

4. Twin Beds in 30 seconds! Both front seat backs recline to fill space between front and rear seats, creating roomy Twin Beds for hunters, fishermen—everyone who travels.

Reclining Seats and Twin Beds are just two of the scores of exclusive Nash features available. See and drive the new 1953 Air-flytes, styled by Pinin Farina, at your Nash dealer’s. Take the key and see—”there’s none so new as Nash for 1953.”

  1. Torgo says: May 13, 200912:20 am

    That last picture would have featured the Wolfman, if this was Mad Magazine.

  2. Toronto says: May 13, 200912:28 am

    Or motion lines, if this was a Bulgemobile piece. “The Sleeperific Auto Pilot option whisks you along the biways and highways in total comfort.”

  3. Mike says: May 13, 20099:09 am

    Made the teenagers happy in the 50s.

  4. Jim Dunn says: May 13, 200910:43 am

    This makes me happy.

  5. LightningRose says: May 13, 20091:20 pm

    I’ve heard that in the 50’s, girls who cared about their reputations wouldn’t date guys who drove this, and similar, cars.

  6. Toronto says: May 13, 20091:47 pm

    Rose – well, that would certainly save a lot of time and bother. “You’ll come for a ride in my Nash? Excellent…”

  7. Charlene says: May 13, 20092:47 pm

    Or it could just be that they didn’t want to be seen in a car that looks like a box of rolled oats.

  8. Las Vegas Guy says: May 13, 20093:05 pm

    They should have called this car the “Gnash”. It eventuall became known as the Nash Rambler and the company became American Motors which gave us The Gremlin, The Javelin, and The Metropolitan

  9. Eli says: May 13, 20096:00 pm

    They made teenagers happy in the ’60s as well, when they were used cars that we could afford to buy for ourselves. It was a great date car, especially for drive-ins and parking in isolated places. (Not that I would have ever done such a thing, of course…)

  10. fred says: May 16, 20096:12 pm

    cool love to crash in a nash

  11. David Brodbeck says: June 1, 20095:21 pm

    I think there was a kit available for early Saabs that accomplished the same thing, but I’ve never seen any pictures of it in action.

  12. Andrew Breza says: June 15, 20095:46 pm

    “Well, officer, we were lost and stopping in this dark alley to check the map.”

    “Then why is the bed unfolded?”

  13. Toronto says: June 16, 200912:32 am

    Andrew: It’s a big map. It’s life-sized.

  14. Andrew Breza says: June 16, 200910:52 am

    Really brings a whole new meaning to “Pimp My Ride”.

  15. Ellim Hacim says: January 2, 20101:12 am

    I kind of like it. On a side note I was born in 1953

  16. Alan Golbov says: January 5, 20128:37 pm

    There’s always someone who doesn’t have a clue about what great cars AMCs were. I invite “Las Vegas Guy” to come up to the AMC National Convention in Reno-Sparks, NV, on June 21-23 this year to see what I mean. I own my 3rd Javelin and am looking for a ’74 Gremlin.

  17. Hal says: January 5, 201210:13 pm

    It was designed for when you went to visit the in-laws. ?

  18. jARHEAD says: January 6, 20129:13 am

    @Hacim.. did your parents own one of these cars???

  19. Illinoisboy says: January 10, 20127:53 pm

    I owned a 1953 Nash Ambassadore Country Club. Not only a fine machine but also great for the high school dates

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