Nels In the THIRD DIMENSION! (Jul, 1952)

Nels is back, and this time he’s in COLOR! Well, at least in black and red. But, more importantly, Nels has has figured out how to engineer a finish so remarkable that it actually enters the THIRD DIMENSION. That means you can actually see it from the side! And it’s just so darn flocky. And really, who doesn’t want to flock their toy elephant? I know I do! You can flock everything: your radio, car, food, toothbrush, children, hell if you buy the jumbo pack, you can even flock Nels Irwin himself! Now that’s a deal!

  1. Kevin says: August 2, 200811:39 pm

    Holy Flocking Kraft, if the Axis had this thing in the Big One!! We’d be toast!! German speaking toast that is – maybe Belgian Waffles — MMmmmmm – waffles….
    The ad has that menacing mad scientist appeal to it with just the right combo of capitol gain to set the hook. Look at how intent on saving the world (from what?) the face looks at the top. Fifties faces are sooo eerie!! (and of course cool – in that scary Saw 2 / Chuckie meets the Cleavers kind of way)

  2. Dan says: September 7, 200811:15 pm

    He apparently got sued for mail fraud for this stuff.…

  3. carlm says: March 18, 20096:59 am

    I guess we all like to FLOCK for PLEASURE but if you do it for profit, I guess it’s PLUSHTITUTION!

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