New Bathing Cap Simulates Hair (May, 1931)

New Bathing Cap Simulates Hair
A NEW bathing cap recently placed on the market has the appearance of human hair and fits snugly over the head, with doughnuts over the ears, as illustrated at the right. The hair is embossed in rubber on the caps, which can be obtained in any color to match the hair of the bather.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 18, 20118:25 am

    If your hair looks you have more problems than getting it wet.

  2. Hirudinea says: August 18, 20118:33 am

    … looks like that … I should really start reading what I write, but why start now.

  3. BrianC says: August 18, 20119:40 am

    “doughnuts over the ears”

    That look didn’t work for Princess Leia…

  4. Jari says: August 18, 20113:12 pm

    BrianC: Didn’t you know, that they were actually headphones?…

  5. EssJay says: August 18, 20118:40 pm

    Is that Manny, Moe or Jack? I always confuse them.

  6. woofer says: August 19, 20116:20 pm

    should be made by the Merkin Co.

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