New Car Steers at Both Front and Rear (Apr, 1936)

New Car Steers at Both Front and Rear
THE new European car illustrated above, and shown in diagram at the left, is quite trim in its lines, and incorporates an interesting departure. The motor is at the rear, behind the wheels it drives; while the steering wheels are at the two ends of the machine, giving considerable leverage for rapid maneuvering. The weight is concentrated, as will be seen by the driving wheels.

  1. Stephen says: September 27, 20125:16 am

    This is one of those cases where you can say “If it had been a good idea, something would have come of it by now.” Diamond wheel arrangements are troublesome. Going over a hilltop, the front and back wheels will tend to leave the ground; going over the bottom of a dip, the middle wheels will leave the ground.

  2. Zeppflyer says: September 27, 201210:06 am

    It always gets me that designs like this trumpet their maneuverability. Imagine the biggest maneuvering problem that the average motorist has: parking in tight spots, especially parallel parking. How on earth does it make it easier if we move the spot around which the car pivots from its rear to nearer the center!? A bunch of overhang is just what I want when trying to get into a tight spot! I recently upgraded from a Focus to a Crown Vic and, no question, the extra couple feet behind the rear wheels are the biggest limiting factor in maneuvering that boat!

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