New Devices FOR THE BUSY HOMEMAKER (Jul, 1933)

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NEW COCONUT SHREDDER. This new fruit juicer, which has a detachable reamer, can be quickly changed into a coconut shredder. It is easily demounted for cleaning

INDIVIDUAL ASHTRAY. The tray, above, is of asbestos and is designed for individual use. When soiled it is thrown away. It can also be used as a coaster for glasses

REST FOR FLATIRON Illustrated in circle is a new flatiron rest that is attached to ironing board so iron slides onto it without the necessity for lifting it. One advantage claimed is that it leaves the board clear for work

KILLS THE MOTHS. Above and at right, are two views of a garment container that is designed to protect clothing from moths. A liquid chemical, put inside it, releases a killing vapor

SHELVES IN THE DOOR More food compartments are possible in this refrigerator since shelves are built into the door in which butter and fruit can be kept

KEYHOLE LIGHT The latest plan for illuminating the keyhole in a door is to have a built-in light so located that its rays fall on the hole. A button turns it on

NEW STRAINER FITS ANY SPOUT Tea grounds cannot pass through the strainer, below, and it is said it will not drip. The claim is also made that it fits any spout

TWO WASHERS IN ONE. This washer has two com-partments, either of which can be used independently. The smaller, for fragile garments, is also a dry cleaner

SLICER HAS MANY USES. Cheese is either sliced or cut into squares with this slicer. It also can be used to slice apples for pies or sauce, or new potatoes for frying

OPENER ALSO SEALS BOTTLE. Caps are removed from bottles with the opener, below, which also seals them air tight

INVALID’S TABLE. Those who are convalescing may have the table, right, adjusted to any height they may like for eating, card playing, or as a convenient table for sewing

MIRROR IN SHAVING CUP In the top of this shaving cup is a mirror that can be adjusted to any angle desired by the user

SAVES THE MEAT JUICE. There is no chance for meat juice to escape from this self-basting pressure cooker. It revolves while in use and the juice is dropped over the meat

SPECIAL MILK HEATER Two compartments in the pot, left, make it impossible to scorch milk. The compartment over the flame is filled with water and the milk, in upper section, is heated by the water and so will not boil over

STAIR MATS HELD DOWN. Two adhesive pads on the outside corners of a stair mat hold it in place without at all marring the surface

OPENER FOR JELLY GLASSES. Tops are quickly removed from jelly glasses with the opener shown here. The center grip is for use in removing tops from catsup bottles

  1. Stannous says: January 15, 20089:43 am

    A few of these are still around but I sure wish I had one o’ them cool coconut shredders!

  2. Blurgle says: January 15, 20089:55 am

    Every time you have one of these I have the opportunity to identify something in the back of my junk drawer.

    This time it’s the Opener for Jelly Glasses. We had thought it was some kind of carpenter’s tool.

  3. chris L says: January 15, 200812:18 pm

    Cigarettes and asbestos, together at last!

  4. Eamonn says: January 15, 20081:20 pm

    They used to make asbestos cigarette filters. The only way it could get worse was if they coated them in radium for night smoking.

  5. David Moisan says: January 15, 20083:37 pm

    At least the invalid’s table still exists, though with wheels.

  6. nlpnt says: January 15, 20087:36 pm

    The keyhole light is ripe for return, with an LED it would even be feasible as a self-contained stick-on unit.

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