New Electrical Devices from Europe (Jan, 1933)

New Electrical Devices from Europe

Electric Dancing Master
• ONE of Germany s popular radio announcers, Walter Carlos, has recently developed apparatus, illustrated at the right and below, for instruction in the newest steps. It is operated with a phonograph, carrying the latest dance music, synchronized with the mechanism, so that the feet of dancing couples, illuminated by concealed lamps (as the back view shows) traverse the small circle, executing movements which are to be followed by the learners. This may be watched from any point on the floor. Instructions to the dancers are given also by the phonograph.

Stationary Bicycle
• OPEN-AIR exercise is well imitated by this sun-bath exerciser. As the rider pedals, his seat revolves, presenting all areas of the skin in succession to healthful ultra-violet radiation.

Water Purified by Electricity
• AS an electric charge clears dust out of the air, so it also diverts in water minute and microscopic solid particles, even when too small to be filtered. The German machines at the right and below utilize this principle.

Electric Mosquito Traps
• ULTRA-VIOLET light, invisible to us, attracts mosquitoes. This fact is utilized by Mdlle. Germaine Gourdon, a French inventor, to trap them into collecting receptacles.

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