new for the home (Apr, 1948)

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new for the home

UTILITY and beauty in modern styling for your home are in evidence in the new furniture shown on this page. They are a part of the Chicago Furniture Mart show held recently.

The old problem of what to do with your extra table leaves when not in use has been studied by furniture designers. The result is the modern buffet shown in Picture No. 1 which provides storage space. Just slide the leaves under as the girl is doing.

If you like variety in your furniture, the sectional sofa in No. 2 has a versatile quality you’ll enjoy. It can be taken apart and reassembled in a wide variety of pieces. The girls are shown busily making a chaise longue out of an occasional chair.

Junior and his friends will go for the 180-gallon portable wading pool shown in Photo 3. It’s constructed of a 9-1/2-lb., slightly inflated tube of Koroseal. Weight of the water keeps the sides erect.

A pretty girl repairs her beauty at the new style dressing table shown in Picture 4. The mirror folds out of sight when the table is not in use, giving the piece a neat, modern look. Heating System for railroad cars insures you a comfortable ride by throwing heat from every square inch of the car’s inner surface. Heart of the system is a new thermostat which keeps the car within two degrees of the temperature called for on the stat setting. It will soon be available for home use.

Stacked Seats: When the pile below is untangled, 12 all-steel chairs appear. As many as 30 can be stacked without effort, the British manufacturers say.

Hot Dog Roaster cooks two weiners by electricity in three to five minutes. Just slide them in as the girl is doing. It’s available for either the home or for boats and cars.

Aluminum Home is shipped completely equipped, measures 29-1/2 feet by about 15-1/2 feet. It contains a kitchen, living-room, bedroom, bathroom, ample closets and heating unit. Costs less than $6,000 shipped.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: March 15, 20119:39 am

    My favorite hot-dog roaster was the one Presto Electric Hot Dogger, which simply electrocutes the weenies.…

  2. LightningRose says: March 16, 201110:23 am

    Apparently there were no women or models in 1948.

  3. Hirudinea says: March 16, 20119:44 pm

    There is a joke somewhere in that hot dog roaster.

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