NEW for the HOME (May, 1950)

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NEW for the HOME

Swinging Shelf meets you more than half way. Mount it atop your present shelf, pull the handle and it swings down and out to you on its special hinges. Space Saver Industries, Detroit, Mich.

Flush Guide puts silencer on that annoying running toilet. It’s a device which guides the rubber-ball valve to the valve seat and can be installed in ten minutes. Made by Ardmore Products, Ardmore, Pa.

Ironing Bag eliminates hand-sprinkling during home laundering. Stuff clothes in plastic bag, add a cup of water and they’ll be uniformly damp when you iron. Humphrey-Callender, Clinton, Ill.

Screen Painter makes this summer chore a pleasure. An Aersol pushbutton dispenser releases a spray of screen enamel which dries quickly and evenly. Marley Industries, Long Island City, N.Y.

Television Stove is a new gas range with a built-in TV screen. Here Dee Tormey takes cooking instructions from the set. Western-Holley, Los Angeles, Cal.

Bedside Bathroom promises to make the bedpan a relic of the past. Patients can wash and shave in bed, too. American Hospital Supply, Evanston, Ill.

Griddle Grill has specially ribbed side for grilling and broiling plus a flat side for baking and frying, is 1 ft. square, won’t warp. Wm. B. Watkins Co., Evanston, Ill.

Bacon-and-Egger uses drippings from bacon along edge to fry eggs in middle, thus automatically draining bacon. Homemaker’s Haven, Jackson Hts., N.Y.

  1. Stephen says: June 5, 20125:27 am

    In the case of the swinging shelf, if the things on it are heavy it will prefer to be in the “down” position, and it’s going to take considerable effort to push it back up.

  2. Zeppflyer says: June 6, 20127:43 am

    @ Stephan: Could it be spring-loaded? I do wonder about that mounted hat staying upright.

    “Screen Painter makes this summer chore a pleasure” – Must be some crazy fumes from that that make painting a ‘pleasure’.

    #2 – So many unanswered questions…..

    #4 – Brilliant! I’d buy one in a second.

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