NEW for the ROAD (Jul, 1950)

NEW for the ROAD

Vetmobile. constructed of obsolete airplane parts by Edward Adkins of Palo Alto, enables handicapped ex-GI’s to drive. It uses either a gas engine or an electric motor. Built-in hydraulic jacks simplify wheel changing. It has a two-way radio and a key-making machine is mounted on the car’s side (see photo).

Variable Lenses feature the latest style in Polaroid sunglasses for motorists. Each is adjusted separately to the required intensity by a tiny lever beneath the frame. In this photo the left lens has been turned to darkest position. Made by the Pioneer Scientific Corp., 295 Lafayette St., N. Y. 12.

Fifteen Seconds to change your wheel and tire is the claim of Lothar Stanetzki, of Bonn, Germany, who has worked on his invention for ten years. It can be installed in the hub of any auto wheel and is locked and unlocked by a key. Stanetzki says he has been offered $5 million for his device by a U.S. manufacturer.

Tomorrow’s Car may be propelled by this Boeing Airplane gas turbine nearly ready for market. The power producing section, left, and the power output section at the right, are joined by a shroud but have no mechanical connection. The turbine develops high torque without usual gears.

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