NEW in SCIENCE (Mar, 1949)


Ping-Pong Gun fires balls noisily at a terrific rate of speed by using air pressure. Newell Mfg. Company, Lowell, Mich.

82 Washes did this to milady’s dress. Ordinary starch was used on left side while new Perma Starch was used on right, doubling life of cotton. U. S. Rubber Co.. N. Y. C.

False Faeces of rubber fit over your head. While wearing one you can see, hear, talk and even smoke. Rubber for Molds, Chicago.

Service Please! Push button on ashtray, and light signals waitress. Service Ideas, Minneapolis.

Combo-Cart is Australian invention which may be used as playwagon, left, or nursery dining car, right.

  1. slim says: May 4, 200911:03 pm

    Who would have thought science was so advanced in 1949? Imagine, an ashtray that lights up when you press a button.

  2. a. nonymous says: May 4, 200911:20 pm

    Great typo by the OCR: “False Faeces of rubber fit over your head.”

  3. blueferretdog says: May 5, 200910:46 am

    Maybe it wasn’t an OCR error.

  4. Jim D says: May 5, 20092:08 pm

    Perma Starch seems to have wrecked the right side of milady’s dress. The left side looks a lot better.

    And she’s not wearing her golf green heel protectors.

  5. RagManX says: May 6, 200912:05 pm

    I think the article means left as we are looking at it, not her left. Ambiguity FTW?

  6. fred says: May 6, 20092:09 pm

    that hat really make her look pretty

  7. Harry says: May 8, 20092:34 pm

    …and don’t you always want a cigarette when wearing a rubber mask? I know I do.

  8. Baron Waste says: May 12, 200910:05 am

    “While wearing one you can see, hear, talk and even – rob banks.”

  9. Noah says: May 30, 200911:06 am

    While wearing the rubber mask you can pretend to be former presidents while being naked.

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