New Inventions Make Life Easy for the Housewife (Nov, 1932)

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New Inventions Make Life Easy for the Housewife

The balloon tire has found a place with the newest furniture. The chaise lounge, shown above, equipped with small pneumatic tires, is now being widely used in homes and hospitals, where it affords greater comfort to invalids. Tire pump used for inflation.

Now available on the market is a spring jug handle which takes the place of the broken one, or turns any vessel into a jug. Here is a large cup fitted securely with handle, which can be removed in a second.

Latest in cooling devices is an electric fan enclosed in metal case. As fan revolves it actuates a rubber belt which agitates water in reservoir, causing fine mist to rise up in front of the fan blades, purifying the air. The device hangs from special wall bracket and swings about in any direction.

Eliminating the necessity of handling dirt from a vacuum cleaner, an inexpensive bag of filter fiber is now provided with an adaptor for attachment to any standard cleaner. Thrown away when full of dirt.

Ideal for the small apartment is this ultra-midget washing machine mechanism which fits into a special tub to do the thrashing as illustrated in this photo. Note that the motor is built into the top of the machine, where it does its work with greatest economy of space and trouble.

Orange juicers and meat grinders operated by an electric motor in the kitchen have long been common. Now a manufacturer comes along with a motor equipped so that it can be used as a juicer, an egg beater or a cream whipper, a meat grinder, a vegetable cutter, a potato masher or even a can opener, as at right. Above-Machine grinding meat.

Hand towels, wash cloths, light fabric garments and baby clothes may be dried inside this electrical drying cabinet now on the market. There’s not the slightest danger from fire.

  1. KD5ZS says: March 2, 20102:19 pm

    Maytag had a dryer which included a drying cabinet above the dryer, which could be also used to steam garments.

  2. jeffg says: March 2, 20104:41 pm

    if only the husbands would contribute to making their wives’ lives easier as well ….

  3. Charlene says: March 2, 20104:48 pm

    The last is a very early incarnation of the KitchenAid mixer.

  4. KD5ZS says: March 2, 20106:31 pm

    Husbands can help by hiring a housekeeper/ cleaning lady or maid.

    Where is Rosie the Robot when you need her!

  5. Rick Auricchio says: March 2, 20108:17 pm

    Does that midget clothes-washer also double as an ice-cream maker?

  6. Toronto says: March 2, 20109:17 pm

    Kitchenaid? I’d have guessed Sunbeam Mixmaster, myself.

  7. Neil Russell says: March 3, 20108:55 am

    Those balloon tires on the chaise lounge are just the thing if you are going to take some sun outside the local Texaco, it’s great to have the man that wears the star right there to keep the pressure perfect in your lounge, and your slumber may only be disturbed by the sound of the occasional dropped wrench

  8. KD5ZS says: March 3, 20105:06 pm

    Don’t forget the bell ringing when a motorist comes to get gas… no self serve in those days…..

  9. Charlie says: March 3, 20107:05 pm

    Here in Oregon we still don’t have self service. It’s against the law.

  10. StanFlouride says: March 3, 20106:41 pm

    Ah progress, instead of a universal vacuum cleaner bag we have dozens. None of which are interchangeable, even within brands.
    I sell them and it is incredibly frustrating for the customers as well as the vendor.

  11. Toronto says: March 3, 20106:58 pm

    Even odder, Stan, is the move back to bagless vacuum cleaners, though they tend to be the ‘stick’ type, not the big ol’ cloth bag ones that predated this invention.

  12. Firebrand38 says: March 3, 20108:38 pm

    Stan, how many different bags would you say that there are in current use?

  13. carlm says: March 4, 201012:47 am

    Oregon and New Jersey. The only 2 States that don’t allow self-serve gas pumping.

  14. Don says: March 4, 20105:43 am

    I always pumped my own gas when I visited Oregon. Whenever the guy came out to pump it for me and I asked him if he wanted to be the first one to spill gas on the tank of my brand new BMW motorcycle and he handed the filler to me and I filled it myself . . . .

  15. KD5ZS says: March 4, 201010:22 am

    Sounds like the “Peoples Republic of Oregon.”

  16. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 201011:30 pm

    Universal vacuum cleaner bags don’t impress investors who like patents. In many ways, patents are a curse to consumers who end up with thousands of unusable items due to patented features that are no longer manufactured such as patent vacuum cleaner filter bags. And it’s driven in the main by stockholders who want patented designs and processes to protect their investment.

    I have a corded vacuum that is about the same as a dust buster. Somebody lined the cloth filter bag with a plastic bag then wondered why the vacuum didn’t suck up dirt.

    I thought the washer was an ice cream maker when I first saw it too.

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