Fits Any Headlight. . . Ends Dangerous Dimming . . . Doubles Roadlight!

AT LAST! An amazingly queer yet simple invention lifts the curse of night driving from the motoring world. This altogether new discovery called “Perfect-O-Lite,” replaces old glass “bulbs” in your automobile headlights with truly amazing results. Road illumination is instantly doubled yet glare is absolutely banished. Ordinary objects in the road, ruts, animals, obstructions, etc., are made clearly visible at least three times as far. Instead of ordinary “direct” light, this beam is composed entirely of double-reflected or “infused” light. This new kind of light cuts right through the other fellow’s headlights. Even shoots through fog, mist, rain and snow. There is no wiring or installation. No extra upkeep. Banishes the need for glare shields. No wonder concerns like Wallace & Tiernan, N. J., Houston Post-Dispatch, Tex., Columbus, Ohio, Fire Trucks, etc. have already installed Perfect-O-Lite as standard equipment. To prove what this invention will do, the manufacturer now offers a set to every motorist on FREE TEST. Simply mail the coupon promptly for details.


Dept. L-570 Pittsburgh, Pa.

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  1. Greg says: April 19, 20085:22 am

    This ad is just as acurate and honest as all the s** given us by Hillary, Obama, McCain, etc, etc, etc.x

  2. Wayne D. says: April 19, 20089:55 am

    These were standard bulbs with silvering on the top of the bulb.

    The idea being that the direct radiation from the bulb would now be reflected off of the lamp reflector instead of being directly reflected.

  3. Allan says: April 19, 200812:03 pm

    My favorite quote: “Banishes night wrecks and smashups, ends fear of running over children or animals, or it costs you absolutely nothing.”

    So… they would refund your headlight money if you got in a night wreck or smashup, or if you ran over children or animals? Or if you still feared running over children or animals? I’ll have to send in the coupon and find out, because even today I fear running over children or animals while driving. Maybe they were onto something in the “fear-busters” arena.

  4. Erica says: April 19, 20086:39 pm

    If I saw an approaching motorist with those freakish eyes, I’d probably panic and be MORE likely to crash into him.

    But, they were a sponsor of The Shadow (ref. here) and I luvs my Old Time Radio shows…

  5. intensive driving says: April 21, 20084:11 am

    It’s good to see where the people behind photoblocker and similar got their advertising inspiration!
    Those eyes are very spooky.

  6. nlpnt says: April 21, 20083:05 pm

    Lots of modern car headlight assemblies have reflectors positioned immediately ahead of the bulbs to cut glare and avoid hot spots, especially in the past decade or so when the designers wanted to do away with optics (bumps on the lens).

  7. Old-Time Radio says: April 23, 20117:23 am

    Those are some scary eyes — I love the pupils on the actual car lenses too! I love the quote “amazingly queer yet simple solution” — I may have to try to use that as a saying. Ha!

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