New Motorized Office and Hotel For Traveling Executive (Dec, 1930)

New Motorized Office and Hotel For Traveling Executive

A COMPLETE executive office and comfortable living quarters have been combined into a single motor bus body by Fred D. Martin, an executive of a linen supply firm in the Southwest. He uses the vehicle to visit the branches of the company in which he is interested, thus being able to conduct routine business while en route.

Inside the vehicle are four comfortable, deeply upholstered chairs, a light folding desk, which likewise serves as a dining table; bath, cook-stove, fans and other office and hotel conveniences.

At night the chairs are folded down to make two comfortable beds. Curtains sliding on rods running lengthwise the car are pulled into place when the beds are used, providing two compartments, with an aisle between. An office desk permits Mr. Martin to work while on the road.

  1. KD5ZS says: March 4, 201010:51 am

    The first motor home! I like the rear observation platform!

  2. Rangachari Anand says: March 5, 20106:06 am

    This looks like a miniaturized railroad Pullman car. Both the clerestory roof and rear platform give it a strong railroad flavor.

  3. KD5ZS says: March 5, 20109:59 am

    That it does!

    I imagine the clerestory roof adds needed headroom inside.

  4. Jari says: March 5, 201010:12 am

    The first known motorhomes were made around 1910. The design was very similar and clearly Pullman inspired. http://www.rvhotlinecan…

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