New Movie Reel Records Sounds for Talkies (May, 1929)

Patent #1846055


New Movie Reel Records Sounds for Talkies

ONE surface of this new movie reel records pictures and the other sound waves. It is the latest invention of Frederick W. Hochstetter, Pittsburgh, Pa., and is expected to be of great aid in the further development of the “talkies.”

Material composing the reel consists of fabric which has been made fireproof. It is photographically light sensitive with special emulsions of great reflecting qualities.

With use of this new type of reel, motion picture producers will be able to obtain better results with less effort in filming a talking picture.

Considerable difficulty has been experienced in the past in presenting the sound of an actor’s voice in perfect co-ordination with the movement of his lips. If the new device proves successful, this trouble will be eliminated, and another forward step will have been made in advancement of the industry.

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