New Refrigerator Has Built-in Radio Receiver (Aug, 1937)

New Refrigerator Has Built-in Radio Receiver

A REFRIGERATOR equipped with a built-in radio has been placed on the market. So popular was the first model that the manufacturer has made available a choice of several models in different sizes equipped with radio. This has been accomplished by having the radio mounted in the top of the refrigerator, and having the refrigerator constructed so that a top equipped with radio may be substituted for one without.

It has been said that the housewife spends sixty per cent of her time in the kitchen. Now by having a radio installed in the refrigerator, she may listen to her favorite program while working.

Because most radios are placed in the living room, one or two rooms from the kitchen, usually the housewife, when she is in the kitchen, finds it necessary either to miss a program or turn the volume up to a point where it is objectionable to the rest of the family. With this popular combination the housewife may work and listen at the same time.

  1. Alan J. Richer says: January 4, 20085:58 am

    Well, this makes more sense than the fridge I saw recently with a Web-browser screen built into it. At least this is more-or-less useful, though the constant opening and closing of the freezer door is going to do the receiver’s tubes no good at all.

    Servicing this radio when it goes bad is going ot be fun as well, unless the chassis comes out as a unit. Taking the fridge back to the shop would be annoying…and taking just the door back would disable the refrigerator for use anyway.


  2. Stannous says: January 4, 200812:19 pm

    I think the radio is in a non-refrigerated section. The description mentions a removable top that can be replaced by one without a radio.
    And I agree, I’ve seen those computer accessible appliances and think they’re silly.
    Now a screen on the side of a milk carton that I could use while eating cereal…
    (Patent Pending)

  3. Menu Inicio says: January 10, 20081:17 pm

    […] Via ModernMechanix…

  4. Terry says: May 1, 20116:14 am

    I’ve got an idea. How about just setting the radio on top of the refrigerator?

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