New Toothbrush Has Rubber Disks (Jun, 1931)

New Toothbrush Has Rubber Disks
SANITARY rubber disks are now used in a new toothbrush which is very easy to keep clean. The disks are thin enough to enter easily between the teeth.

  1. StanFlouride says: April 7, 20108:57 pm

    Now RIBBED for pleasure!

  2. Toronto says: April 8, 20108:25 pm

    Stan! I’ve been waiting for you (of all pseudonyms) to sign in on this one.

  3. KD5ZS says: April 9, 20102:04 pm

    For mouth hygiene only, please.

  4. Sillybunt says: April 14, 20109:47 pm

    Before nylon tooth brushes, they had trouble with getting a brush fiber that was stiff enough to work when damp but wouldn’t tear your gums to pieces when dry. Plastics solved those issues so well, we have all these weird brush shapes [… ] just to try to get people to change out perfectly good brushes for new styles.

  5. charlotte dentist says: April 21, 201010:22 am

    Where did this go? we all should still be using this product. Did everyone in 1931 have huge gaps between their teeth? there is no way I could fit those rubber disks between my teeth…

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