New Wife ~ Savers for the Modern Home (Aug, 1931)

You’re supposed to make ice cream in the washer on the first page, but the one on the second page actually looks just like an ice cream maker…

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New Wife ~ Savers for the Modern Home

A revolving grater which can be used for everything that requires grating. A wet disk prevents sticking.

The invention shown here fits any washing machine and makes ice cream in 9 minutes.

A new electric vaporizer for applying warm medicated vapor to the nasal passages. By pressing a button for a minute the ointment is liquefied or vaporized.

This novel coffee maker is equipped with a gauge inside the pot which insures the correct amount of water for making either two, four or six cups of good coffee.

Burned fingers when attempting to lift a hot pot or pan will not occur with the new lifter shown here.

With this cutting device it is possible to make attractive baskets for fruit salads from an orange or grapefruit in less than a minute. The device is simple to operate, requiring only two cutting movements, and easy to clean.

This “lazy tongs” type of extension garment hanger greatly increases the capacity of a small closet.

This electric clothes washer is portable and has no mechanical parts that would damage the clothes in any way, since the cleansing is accomplished by the action of soap-sudsy warm water and air bubbles. It plugs in on any light.

A small electric grill which will do all of the cooking for a small family except the baking.

  1. StanFlouride says: August 21, 20083:01 pm

    Bottom right: Die Max Schmelling dünne grausame grillende Maschine! ®

  2. Charlene says: August 21, 200810:25 pm

    I have that hangar in the bedroom closet in my new house. It must have been almost original with the house.

    This is about the tenth time I’ve found something that I actually own in one of these articles.

  3. mrdweeb says: August 24, 20086:48 pm

    I love the washing machine that doubles as an ice cream maker. “Just gonna rinse out my shorts–oops!–won’t tell anyone”.

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