No More Rain-Soaked Cigarettes! (Aug, 1931)

No More Rain-Soaked Cigarettes!
MANY are the inventions devised to insure a dry smoke, but it has remained for a clown appearing with a circus in England to solve the problem. An umbrella over the smoke keeps off water and a spigot drains off excess moisture.

  1. JM says: August 21, 20087:38 am

    So, you use an umbrella for your cigarette and none for yourself?… why I didn’t think about that first? 🙂

  2. fluffy says: August 21, 20088:20 am

    Okay that clown is extra-creepy even as far as clowns go.

  3. Gregly says: August 21, 20089:49 am

    The rain must have washed all of that clown’s makeup off… as well as his lips, eyelids, nose, and skin.

  4. Renan says: August 21, 20083:26 pm


  5. Alexis Carlotti says: August 21, 20084:27 pm

    It reminds me of the mummy of Seti the 1st ..

  6. james says: August 22, 20087:53 am

    Ain’t lovely those handpainted cheek? No, it’s creepy that’s it!

  7. Mike says: August 23, 200810:40 am

    “excess moisture”… you mean spit?

  8. stonefisk says: August 23, 20083:29 pm

    Creepy clown reminds me of the voodoo witch doctor in one of the James Bond movies.

  9. John M. Hanna says: August 23, 20086:37 pm

    Maybe the idea behind this was to make smoking look so ridiculous, you would stop just so people would stop laughing at you.

  10. Anne says: August 23, 200810:55 pm

    I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be a ‘hobo clown’, hence the beard and otherwise lack of makeup. Other than that? I can’t explain this at all!

  11. ma says: August 25, 20083:36 am

    FYI European clowns DO NOT wear the same make up as American clowns. This clown’s make up is appropriate for where he is from. Clowns that smoke do not smoke while entertaining.

    This picture is funny and crazy to me. I wonder how many people actually bought this product.

  12. aleksman71 says: August 26, 200811:51 am

    And this I read know when I stoped smoking
    Popravilo ra?unalnikov na vašem domu

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