“No! No! Baby Mustn’t Touch!” (Oct, 1921)

“No! No! Baby Mustn’t Touch!”

These are not “before and after” pictures. They are all “before” pictures. It would be too horrible to show, in accompanying photographs, the irreparable harm that might result from these preventable situations. What, for instance, is there to keep the child at the left from falling on the pencil it is chewing?

Talcum powder is for external use only. The baby at the right is in danger of filling its lungs with talcum and then choking.

Many deaths among children are caused by scalding. A careful mother sees that her child is never within reach of the stove. Burning up rubbish, as below, is a public-spirited act, but burning up children how ever naughty they may sometimes be, is not..

A slip, a stumble, a fall, and the scissors may put this little girl’s eye out, gash an artery or scar her pretty face for life.

An open fire, even when it’s gas that is burning, is cozy and friendly—until it ignites the clothing of a child that is not properly watched

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