No woman ever says no to Winchester. (Jul, 1973)

Because there is nothing a woman likes more than a man who blows cigar smoke in her ear.

No woman ever says no to Winchester.

Take a puff. Blow in her ear. And she’ll follow you anywhere. Because one whiff of Winchesters sexy aroma tells her everything she ever wanted to know about you. But was afraid to ask. It tells her you’re a man, but a man of taste. A taste for mildness. Lightness. She takes a puff. Winchesters filtered smoothness tells her its not a cigarette. Not just another little cigar. It’s a whole ‘nother smoke. And she knows that you know: where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Winchester. It’s a whole ‘nother smoke.

1973 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

  1. Buddy says: September 3, 20081:25 am

    Cool! I recognize Farrah Fawcett. One of the few women in the 70’s who looked good without makeup. Major babe.

  2. rsterling78 says: September 3, 20085:20 am

    Hey, big boy, is that a portable oxygen tank you’re dependent upon due to emphysema, or are you just happy to see me?

  3. Jim Dunn says: September 3, 20086:41 am

    Ho. Lee. Moses! I hadn’t thought of those Winchester ads in a million years. This brings back a flood of cheesy-good memories.

    Personally, I think the retro-babe hanging on Winchester dude’s right shoulder needs a tad more eye makeup. She’s *this* close to being Ziggy Stardust.

  4. Steve says: September 3, 20087:18 am

    Why does every guy from these 70s ads look like he came straight out of a cheap porno movie? “Take a puff and blow it in her ear”, yeah, that’d work really well these days.

  5. Harry says: September 3, 20088:37 am

    I’m afraid a lot of us looked like that back then, or and this is the worst part, tried to.

  6. sweavo says: September 3, 20089:08 am

    dammit, that’s where I’ve been going wrong. Note to self: blow smoke in chicks’ ears next time…

  7. JGB says: September 3, 20089:19 am

    @Buddy: I think the Winchester Man is Lee Majors, too. Did they meet on this shoot, I wonder?

  8. Tracy B. says: September 3, 200811:30 am

    So this was the cigar Bill Clinton was smoking?

  9. Ligu says: September 3, 20082:43 pm

    When I saw the title of the article in the feed list I thought it’s an old ad for rifles.

  10. Charlene says: September 3, 20084:11 pm

    “Blow cheap cigar smoke in her face: she’ll love it!”

    I’d like to know what the copywriter was smoking when he came up with that idea.

  11. Charlene says: September 3, 20084:12 pm

    Oh, and Farrah did look good without makeup. She’s wearing half a ton of it here, though.

  12. John M. Hanna says: September 3, 20087:08 pm

    This has got to be the most blatant case of false advertising until the advent of those AXE body spray commercials.

  13. Torgo says: September 3, 200810:36 pm

    How did the 70’s happen? There’s nothing quite like it.

    I love the phrase “a whole ‘nother smoke.”

  14. Eliyahu says: September 4, 20081:21 pm

    HOw did the 70s happen? LSD hadn’t been criminalized in the 60s when these trends started. If you want an example of how bad the 70s really were, check out the interiors at…

  15. JJ says: October 26, 20091:32 am

    The guy in the shot is NOT Lee Majors –

    the guy is a star in his OWN RIGHT…Michael Haynes!

  16. JKS says: January 12, 201011:40 pm

    This guy at the time was very popular. The jacket was a close copy of the Sundance Kid’s.

  17. Mike says: December 18, 201012:44 am

    Same for me (as per Buddy), I recognize Farrah Fawcett. The blond girl on his right arm. I wasn’t sure at the beginning then I went on youtube looking a publicity of Noxema by Farrah….
    Once sure it was Farrah, then I saw the comment of Buddy, that’s it this is FARRAH! yeah! She was my sex-symbol in my teenage time. Great advertisement.

  18. J D says: February 15, 20125:37 pm

    I have known Michael Haynes since childhood, and I suspect that being handled by all of these women was very uncomfortable for him. The popularity of the “whole ‘nother smoke” was because cigarette advertising had been outlawed by that time, but these “little cigars” were exempt from the prohibition. The only thing wrong with the 70s masculine look was the silly mustache. A man should just let facial hair, as well as body hair, grow where nature intends, rather than growing littles patches here and there. Nevertheless the masculine look of those days is much better than the neutered male look of these days.

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