Novel Camping Trailer Opens Into Comfortable Quarters (Dec, 1929)

Novel Camping Trailer Opens Into Comfortable Quarters
A NOVEL camping trailer has been produced in London which is hailed with delight by lovers of the outdoors because of the comfort it provides. The trailer, compact when closed, is attached to the rear of the automobile by a device which makes it ride easily with a minimum of side sway. But when camp is made the sides of the trailer let down to increase the available space and a door at the end provides access to the interior where there is ample headroom.

  1. AWH says: November 16, 201111:40 am

    I think the boys from Top Gear expanded on this idea quite a bit! Especially at about 3:40 into this video where Hammond’s Range Rover conversion expands into many rooms (complete with fireplace, chandelier and library)!…

  2. Hirudinea says: November 16, 20111:15 pm

    @ AWH – Yea, that was a funny episode, I like it when they park Clarksons “Caravan” on the cliff edge, best thing for it I say.

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