Novel War Tank Resembles a Rolling Ball (Jul, 1936)

Novel War Tank Resembles a Rolling Ball

ROLLING over the ground like a giant ball, a high-speed “tumbleweed tank” proposed by a Texas inventor is a new addition to modern war machines. A spherical hollow steel driving cab is inclosed by a rotating outer shell consisting of two cup-shaped halves fitted with circular traction cleats. Motor-driven gears, mounted on the inner sphere, rotate the outer shells to roll the tank along the ground. Steering is effected by varying the speed of either of the rotating traction shells. Machine guns are fired from the stationary cab through central firing slots and armored turrets at the sides. The heavy driving motor, centrally placed on the cab floor, gives the tank stability and prevents it from rolling sidewise. The inner shell can be sealed against poison gas, while the power plant is completely inclosed to minimize the danger from exhaust fumes. The inventor states that the tank’s spherical shape presents the smallest possible target for enemy bombs or shells, and all but direct hits would glance off its curved sides. Missiles penetrating the outer shells
would have expended most of their force.

  1. fluffy says: February 23, 20074:33 pm

    And just think, going down hills would be so easy!

  2. Stannous says: February 23, 200710:05 pm

    Didn’t they have these in Star Wars?

  3. Matt Nelsen :: links for 2007-02-26 says: March 2, 200710:05 pm

    […] Modern Mechanix » Novel War Tank Resembles a Rolling Ball (tags: design vintage weapon tank) […]

  4. Jeffery Wright says: October 23, 20078:42 am

    how do you see what you’re shooting at? how does the cabin stay upright? only the engine weight? how do you get in the thing?

  5. agtfos says: October 30, 200810:00 am

    1936, but effectively describing spaced armour.

  6. EC says: June 2, 200911:09 pm

    Sure. It seems like a great idea until the enemy unleashes their giant steam powered mallet.

  7. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Kugelpanzer says: May 4, 201112:15 am

    […] der Militarismus für merkwürdige Blüten schon vor 60 Jahren zu treiben wusste, zeigt diese kuriose Idee des Kugelpanzers. ROLLING over the ground like a giant ball, a high-speed […]

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