Now It’s FUN To Reduce-Keep Fit-Gain Strength (Nov, 1931)

Now It’s FUN To Reduce-Keep Fit-Gain Strength

. .. in 5 Minutes a Day-at Home!

Try it 10 Days on Approval-Send No Money Now!

EVERYONE realizes the value of DAILY exercise. Heretofore, it has been bothersome, took too much time; too much like work! But, wouldn’t you like to recover the FITNESS and FIGURE OF YOUTH-if it were actually FUN to do so? Wouldn’t you be GLAD to get rid of that PROTRUDING WAISTLINE and EXCESS FAT around hips, arms, legs, neck and shoulders IF YOU COULD REALLY ENJOY DOING IT? Wouldn’t you like to restore natural ELASTICITY to sagging, flabby muscles—to generate NEW HEALTH, NEW STRENGTH, NEW STAMINA in your Chest, Back, Arms, Legs, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, and Bowels— IF DOING SO … in only 5 minutes a day . . . WERE AS FASCINATING AS PLAY? Here—at last—is a new invention that takes the WORK out of WORKOUT-a light, compact, Home Exercising Machine that makes HEALTH BUILDING AND REDUCING a delight instead of a drudge. Priced within reach of every one—only $9.85. Try it 10 days in your own home. Send no money now—just coupon below!

Steelflex Health Rowboat

THIS amazing invention provides the NECESSARY INCENTIVE to reduce, build strength, maintain health, by making it a PLEASURE to take a daily FIVE-MINUTE WORKOUT!

The Steelflex Health Rowboat provides NOT ONLY the scientific rowing stroke but also a COMPENSATING AUTOMATIC “PULL-BACK” utilizing the well-known principle of resistance, endorsed by leading authorities.

Although NEW, thousands of STEELFLEX have already been purchased. A N. Y. Physi- cian writes: “It reduces abdomen, strengthens muscles of back and abdominal walls.” A businessman writes, “Reduced 13 lbs. In 2 months.” Others say: “Reduced waist-line 3 inches in 1 month.” “5 minutes with Steelflex equal to 1 hour’s exercise of other type.” (Names on request.) No matter what part you wish to reduce or strengthen—no matter how busy you are—here is an inexpensive, ENJOYABLE way to refrain or maintain the HEALT1I and FIGURE you desire. You must TRY Steelflex to appreciate it. Try it -in the morning—see how it makes you “feel like a youngster,” Try it just before bedtime, see how it brings sound sleep. Try it 10 days—if it isn’t MUCH MORE than we claim, RETURN IT—your money will be refunded at once!

We will send Steelflex by express, collect on delivery, with understanding that your money will be refunded at once, upon your request. It must “sell Itself” to you and your family. Mail coupon NOW to The Steelflex Corporation of America, Dept. 2911, 1783 E. 11th St., Cleveland, Ohio.

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  1. Andrew L. Ayers says: July 2, 20103:04 pm

    I wonder if this company is in any way related to the company that sells bowflex? Probably not, but the sales pitch is similar! Ha!

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