Odd Co-Branding (Grinders and Gum) (Jul, 1948)

We’ve all seen co-branding before, Dell and Intel, Burger King and Pepsi, Republicans and Fundamentalist Christians, etc. But Grinders and Wrigley’s Gum? Obvious isn’t it? I know that when I think grinders, I think gum.

Ingenious New Technical Methods
To Help You Simplify Shop Work

Versatile New Grinder Saves Time — Improves Grinding Efficiency

A new grinder, the Corlett-Turner G-3, permits changing of grinding wheels in a matter of seconds and assures a true running wheel at all times. Each wheel is individually mounted on a ground, tapered arbor.

Easy wheel changing is accomplished by a slight wrist motion on the end bells of the grinder head. A twist to the left releases the wheel arbor; the reverse action instantly secures it in place. It’s all done in a matter of seconds. No costly time is lost in repeated wheel dressing.

In addition to its primary function, the G-3 grinder has innumerable uses for burring, buffing, polishing, and production applications requiring a high speed spindle. Powered by a 1/3 horsepower motor, a three-step pulley arrangement provides speeds of 5600, 8000 and 12,000 r.p.m.

Efficiency in precision work is also increased when tension is relieved by the act of chewing. And chewing Wrigley’s Spearmint is a pleasant, easy way to help relieve workers’ nervous tension. For these reasons Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum is being made available more and more by plant owners everywhere.

Complete details may be obtained from
Corlett-Turner Co., 1001 S. Kostner Avenue
Chicago 24, Illinois

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