Office on Wheels Keeps Employees Close to the Job (May, 1939)

Office on Wheels Keeps Employees Close to the Job
TO SAVE time and footwork on the part of employees, officials of a German museum in Munich rigged an office on wheels that could be rolled through the corridors and exhibition rooms during an inventory of museum displays. Desks, typewriter, wastebasket, and bench were mounted on a caster-wheel hand truck, as shown in the photograph at the right. A museum attendant pushed the mobile office from one exhibit to the next.

  1. Dagopening says: August 31, 20067:40 am


    Flexplekken modern? Vergbeet het maar, Tis dat er een klein mannetje met een snor besloot de wereld in die tijd een ander aanzien  te geven, anders hadden al tientalle jaren gelden het gez…

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  3. Mobiel werken anno 1939 | X, Y of Einstein? says: January 11, 201410:24 pm

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