Oh.. .what a Santa Claus you can be this year! (Jan, 1933)

Oh.. .what a Santa Claus you can be this year!

Santa Claus… down a chimney? No, she’s found out there’s no such man. Not a jolly white-bearded old fellow who gives things to you, but a lean old man — “Hard Times”—who steals everything away. Show her—show her it’s a lie!

The Welfare and Relief Mobilization for 1932 is a cooperative national program to reenforce local fund-raising for human welfare and relief needs. No national fund is being raised; each community is making provision for its own people; each community will have full control of the money it obtains.

Give through your established welfare and relief organizations, through your community chest, or through your local emergency relief committee.

All facilities for this advertisement have been furnished the committee without cost.

Newton D. Baker, Chairman National Citizens’ Committee


  1. Hirudinea says: December 23, 201110:05 pm

    In ’33 everyone was having to deal with old man “Hard Times:.

  2. Mcubstead says: December 25, 20117:21 am

    The pencil art work is nicely done.

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