Old Revolver Serves as Table Lamp (Jan, 1935)

Old Revolver Serves as Table Lamp

AN INTERESTING desk or table lamp for the den can be made from an old revolver. Bolt the butt of the gun to a metal base, then fasten a lamp socket into the end of the barrel. The electric cord is run through the barrel to a switch so mounted that the lamp can be turned on and off by pulling the trigger.

The type of revolver that breaks for loading will give a lamp which is readily tilted.

  1. slim says: June 30, 20089:01 am

    I think I’d rather have the ladies leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

  2. Michael Patrick says: June 30, 200810:12 am

    This photo should be in Webster’s as the established representation of “tacky”.

  3. Benzene says: June 30, 20088:49 pm

    It could be worse. At least Bling It On wasn’t invented yet.

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