On dining well (May, 1934)

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a writer use “…!”. I think that should be called the ellipsobang. It might need it’s own symbol though, like the interrobang (&#8253);

On dining well

O noble gastronomic music, descend… and inspire this discourse…!

The joys of eating beautifully prepared food are perhaps more immediate, complex and compelling than those derived from any daily experience. For what other art calls at once upon the four senses of taste, touch, sight and smell? Such a complicated variety of stimuli is reserved for devotees of the culinary cult.

Aboard a French Line ship there is proper reverence for the pleasures of the table. The cuisine is acknowledged, by gourmets, to be a triumph of French talent. (Which is natural enough, since a French chef is at his best in his native setting.) Throughout the ship, with each repast, good table wines are served. In addition, the wine steward will suggest, if you wish, an accompaniment of fine old vintages… at surprisingly moderate prices.

Dinner conversation on France-Afloat is likely to be seasoned with wit. (A congenial group travels French Line.) The service is perfect (English-speaking). The appointments modern, comfortable. And Breton seamanship, deep-bred, assures a carefree crossing.

A voyage to Europe via French Line is, in fact, a study in pleasant living. Yet it costs no more. And shipboard expenses have been adjusted to the value of the dollar…. Ask your travel agent to help you plan, without charge, a trip on France-Afloat…. French Line, 19 State Street, New York City.

French Line

PARIS (Enlarged, Redecorated Tourist Accommodations), May 19, June 9 and 30, July 21 • ILE DE FRANCE, May 5 and 26, June 16, July 7 and 28 • LAFAYETTE, May 16, June 13, July 3 • CHAMPLAIN, May 12, June 2 and 23, July 15

  1. dev says: November 2, 20129:14 pm

    That “…!” is like a symbol in music. Its a pause before you make your point. dot dot dot …..boom

  2. Gazzie says: November 10, 20123:37 pm

    I wonder how Victor Borge would have pronounced “…!” or the “interrobang.”

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