One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs (Mar, 1922)

One of These Household Brighteners Is Just What Your Home Needs

Nest-building material, such as bits of wool, cotton yarn, and feathers, offered to the birds in a screened box, will induce them to nest near by.

Hard water is unsuited for household purposes and must be softened before it can be used. The filter shown above is connected with the supply pipes.

Fruits or vegetables placed in the conical colander are pressed to pulp by a wooden plunger and forced through the holes of the sieve.

The handle of the serving fork illustrated above is equipped with a sliding pusher that discharges food from fork if the thumb is pressed against it.

An electric heater (on the left) may be changed to a miniature baking oven by the use of a removable attachment (on the right), which takes the place of the ornamental-top of the heater”.

When you pull the trigger of this pistol gas lighter, a burred steel wheel at the muzzle rotates against a small flint, and the sparks light the gas.

Here is a small electric range, supplied with current from an ordinary light socket. By careful management a full meal for five persons may be cooked on this range in a short time and economically.

The new juice filter shown above stands solidly on its own legs and may be folded up when not in use.

When the boiling point is reached in this combined electric stove and fireless cooker, the steam causes the thermostat to cut off the current.

A convenient attachment to the kitchen table is this sanitary catch-all, which may be lined with a double thickness of newspaper folded like a pocket.

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