Onion Slicer Spares Housewife’s Tears (Sep, 1938)

This is one of the gadgets that has allowed generations of infomercial hucksters to proclaim “It’s Just That Easy!”. I’m guessing they don’t tell the marks er, audience, that it first came out 70 years ago.

Onion Slicer Spares Housewife’s Tears
EQUIPPED with an airtight cover and a close-fitting plunger, the kitchen device shown at left enables a housewife to chop or slice onions without bringing the usual tears to her eyes. The plunger has four sharp cutting blades and can be used as vigorously as necessary, a wooden disc in the bottom serving as a chopping block.

  1. Stannous says: September 3, 200612:14 pm

    A triple-synchronous moment-
    watching the Miracle Dicer (the latest version of this gadget) on TV while reading the obit of the inventor of the infomercial:
    and then opening MM and finding this as the lead of the day.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal says: September 3, 200612:28 pm

    My mother and grandmother both have these, but use them for chopping nuts.

  3. whoozle-bag says: November 30, 20102:43 pm


    I wonder if the people who bought it liked the sale’s person’s nuts..

    As Vince from slap chop says “You’re gonna love my nuts”

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