OUR OWN SOFTWARE – OUR OWN HARDWARE – A perfect team from the Digital Group (Jan, 1978)

OUR OWN SOFTWARE – OUR OWN HARDWARE – A perfect team from the Digital Group

Something new has been added to our great line of Digital Group hardware: DIGITAL GROUP SOFTWARE!

With all new languages, enhancements to existing languages and new sophistication designed to give the Digital Group system user the greatest capabilities yet available in a microprocessor.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that the same painstaking attention we devote to quality in our hardware has gone into Digital Group Software. Our software works — as simply as that.

Here are just a few of the Digital Group Software packages:

This simple-to-learn, user-oriented Word Processing System is text-editing and a whole lot more. WOPROC automatically takes care of the menial tasks of typing, easily corrects errors and prints exactly as you desire. In short, WOPROC doesn’t stop at merely editing text: it also processes this text in a variety of ways. Use it to prepare and print anything that could be prepared with a typewriter.

Through incorporation of a variety of software concepts, CONVERS, a unique, highly-flexible package, has evolved. It offers a combination of easy programming, high memory efficiency and fast operating speed ideally suited for many types of applications.

The potential capabilities of this type of language are breathtaking, but for now the Digital Group recommends our preliminary version to those users already familiar with computers.

By adding a significant number of extensions, our standard Digital Group Maxi-BASIC has been converted to Business-BASIC — an extremely productive and powerful language for business-oriented microcomputer users.

These software packages are major extensions of BASIC-type languages. This language’s major emphasis has been to maximize function and capability and is particularly well-suited to personal/business type applications.

An updated version of Z80 Assembler I with added capabilities.

We’ve tried to give you a glimpse of what Digital Group Software has in store for you. If you have one of our systems already, you know our quality. And if you’re just looking around, take a look at our hardware.

Then you’ll know how well our software works, too.

the digital group

po box 6528 denver, Colorado 80206 (303) 777-7133

  1. Casandro says: September 2, 201211:04 pm

    What’s noteworthy is that even back then, you could probably get better open source software on Unix. Even vi existed back then.

  2. Stephen says: September 3, 20123:14 am

    But unless you were in a university, Unix wasn’t free: that didn’t come around until Linux.

  3. Toronto says: September 3, 20122:28 pm

    Stephen – but some UNIX versions came “free” with hardware – ie you got a right-to-use. So if you had a 3B2 or an Sun, you could run Sys-V or SunOS, for example. If you wanted support, you had to pay of course.

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