Outline of Monocle in Lady’s Veil Makes Latest Fashion (Mar, 1941)

Outline of Monocle in Lady’s Veil Makes Latest Fashion

Veils having heavily rimmed peepholes at one eye are being offered as one of the latest fads for women. It produces the effect of wearing a monocle.

  1. Eamon says: February 14, 20081:36 am

    This is why I don’t get my fashion news from science magazines. “You know what would complete my outfit? A big dark circle around my left eye.”

  2. glindsey says: February 14, 20086:17 am

    Or it produces the effect of having a black eye.

  3. Neil Russell says: February 14, 20086:46 am

    I suppose for women that were big fans of Petey the dog from the “Our Gang” comedies this could be big.
    Otherwise it looks like she fell for the gag charcoaled telescope joke

  4. Morgan says: February 22, 20081:22 am

    Arrrrr, ahoy mateys!

  5. ganmerlad says: March 21, 20099:24 am

    They also tried the reading glasses veil, but that didn’t last into the next season because it is true ‘that men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses’.

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