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Smoking Now No Effort at All—Dispenser Gives You Lighted Cigarette (May, 1932)

Smoking Now No Effort at All—Dispenser Gives You Lighted Cigarette

SMOKING is coming to be such a convenient matter that it is a wonder any of us can resist becoming insatiable cigarette fiends. The latest device to ease the labor of lighting up a fag is an electric desk dispenser which delivers one cigarette at a time, fully lighted and ready to smoke.

Cigarette Holder Filters Smoke (May, 1932)

Cigarette Holder Filters Smoke

TO MAKE a cigarette holder that filters and cools the smoke, procure a small size corncob and a close-grained cork. Trim the cork so that it fits tightly into the bowl with about 1/4 inch of the cork projecting to make removal of stubs easy.

For a filter and cooler, place a small cotton wad and menthol crystals in the bowl. With a red hot iron burn a hole through the center of the cork to hold the cigarette. Then cut the cork in half, place the fag between the corks and insert in the pipe.

HIGH TECH, HIGH RISK, AND HIGH LIFE IN Silicon Valley (Oct, 1982)

Yes, that is Steve Jobs on a motorcycle.

Also be sure to check out the other great computer article from this issue: “The Chip



Photographs by CHARLES O’REAR

SILICON VALLEY appears on no map, but this former California prune patch, an hour’s drive south of San Francisco, is the heartland of an electronics revolution that may prove as far-reaching as the industrial revolution of the 19th century.

It is a place where fast fortunes are made, corporate head-hunting is profitable sport, and seven-day workweeks send cutting-edge technology tumbling over itself in its competitive rush to the marketplace.

Not surprisingly, flying—fast, challenging, and risky—is a sport that appeals powerfully to Silicon Valley men such as Bob Noyce, who snatches every chance to fly his twin-engine Turbo Commander to Aspen to ski, to his Intel plant in Phoenix, or just to wheel in the sky around Silicon Valley.

Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette (Feb, 1931)

Automat Vends Lighted Cigarette

A NEW automatic device recently introduced by a London manufacturer not only delivers a fag when you put a penny in the slot, but lights it as well. The fag delivered by the cigarette automat is lighted by means of electricity and does the work within five seconds after you insert the penny in the slot. The photo below shows a young lady receiving a lighted cigarette from the machine.

New Guns for Human Bullets (Feb, 1948)

New Guns for Human Bullets

By George B. Waltz, Jr.
Drawings by Lester Fagans

TAKING an all-out ride in the Navy’s newest laboratory “gun” will be like sitting astride a standard aircraft rocket as it starts toward its target. This “gun” is a human centrifuge to end all centrifuges—a giant, high-speed merry-go-round capable of making a man feel like a bullet being shot from a rifle.

Scientists will use the machine to learn a good many new facts about the physiological and psychological effects of high speeds and sudden changes in speed. They will do it by subjecting pilots to tremendous forces of acceleration and deceleration. As pilots and airplane manufacturers strive to bore deeper and deeper into the “no man’s land” of supersonic and super-supersonic flight, new problems are arising. It is not now so much a question of whether the plane will hold together as: “Will the pilot?”

Cigarette Ignites Like Match (Jan, 1933)

Cigarette Ignites Like Match
BECAUSE a smoker often has a cigarette but no match with which to light it, an inventor has developed a self-lighting fag which eliminates use of matches. The idea is unique in its field and should be received with favor by all tobacco users who have been caught in a similar predicament. The device consists of a container and its pack of specially prepared cigarettes. Each cigarette has an oxidized fiber ring added to the tip that ignites immediately, like an ordinary match, when the fag is rubbed on the side.

Hat Is Latest in Cigarette Cases (Apr, 1932)

Hat Is Latest in Cigarette Cases

AN “ammunition” hat designed with tuck in which are inserted twenty cigarettes, is proclaimed by stylists as the latest fad for co-eds. Wearing this hat, shown in the photo at right, the co-ed needs no longer go through the awkward motions of searching through a hand bag for her fags. All she has to do is to reach up and pluck one from her hat.

The cigarettes are arranged to appear like ornaments on the hat. The slots which hold the fags are made extremely rigid so as to prevent breaking.

14 Smoking Accessories that Nobody Should Own

Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder
First up, we have this double-barrel cigarette holder. Makes perfect sense, right? You’ve got two lungs, gotta have two cigarettes. Of course if you used this I don’t think you’d have two lungs for very long…

Whole Cigarette Factory Contained in Single Tobacco Can
I’m not entirely sure that’s tobacco he’s rolling up there.

Machine Vends Single Cigarettes (Jun, 1933)

Machine Vends Single Cigarettes
AN EASILY operated vending machine which sells one cigarette at a time and yet complies with the laws has been marketed for use in public places. The fags are sold directly from the flat tins of fifty, and are made accessible to the buyer by the insertion of a penny in a slot.

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health (Mar, 1922)

Yum, sugar-coated electricity.

If you would like to learn more about these miraculous devices, this site has some good info. They also have some available for sale. Or just pick one up on ebay.

With health insurance rates going through the roof, can you really afford NOT to have your own Violet Ray machine?

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health

Absolutely shockless and painless, overcomes nervousness, banishes aches and pains, renews the vigor of youth and builds healthy, well-developed bodies

Thousands of volts of stimulating, up-building, high frequency electricity—as painless and pleasant as a ray of sunshine—can be sprayed into any weak, diseased or under-developed part of your body. Instantly you will feel its healing, strengthening, tonic effect. You will feel the warm, fresh blood surge to the treated part, bringing with it the tissue-building and disease-fighting forces that Nature provides. Poisons and diseased tissues will be washed away, pains and inflammations relieved and the part treated will be nourished and strengthened. It literally helps Nature build new bodies.